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The Chosen Few was founded back in 2010 when a couple of lads bumped into each other in the Prancing Pony on Laurelin. We started to jam, and it was not long after that ‘The Chosen Few’ saw the light of day.

We have participated in the last two ‘Weathestock’ festivals, coming in third in two of the competitions last year, and we are also hosting our own festival on Laurelin called Archet Aid, that we will host for the fourth time this year. We usually play at festivals and bigger concerts and not that much ‘just for the heck of it’, but we do play from time to time and then mostly around Bree and Thorins Hall.

So, what can be said about our music style? We once said that you had to be tone-deaf to stand still while we were playing, and that seems to be the case these days too. We play everything thats up-tempo (blues/bluegrass/jigs etc) and we also have one or two slow tunes for the ladies in the audience .

We transcribe everything we play ourselves, but not much from scratch I’m afraid. There is so much good music out there that it is hard to compete. We got a playlist longer than ****, and we have tunes for every occasions (weddings, birthdays even funerals if that should be needed). Among our known tunes are ‘Living next Door to Gandalf’, ‘Misty mountain cold (trailer version), ‘Bumble Boogie’ and a big assortment of bluegrass tunes that can make a hobbit dance his feet off!

The lineup have changed some through the years with people leaving the game and coming back years later, but these days we have the following lineup in the band, even if some of the members only join in from time to time:

– Grymrock
– Norgi
– Babushka
– Gwestia
– Tallic
– Chryssie
– Merlas
– Nafing
– Gotilia
– Trotgard
– Uswin
– Chadwick

Other stuff to mention is that prior to this years Yule festival, we ‘published’ our little collection of Yule tunes as a yule-gift to the Lotro community. They can be found here: A special gift from The Chosen Few