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Website : Starlight – We are not golden

Starlight was formed in early 2014 by Calanne and her strange twin brother, Calhil. They began as a duo playing random spots around Bree as and when the mood took them, eventually taking on more members to become Starlight. They specialise in one off concerts, with no regular slot.

Calanne has now left Starlight to concentrate on her new role as a member of the Andune Ensemble, but Calhil and his even stranger ‘Sister from another Mister’ Calinne (who’s father may have been a bear, met during one of their mothers ‘getting back to nature’ holidays’) have taken up the reigns.

Starlight plays whatever takes their mood at the time and can range from dark industrial goth metal to light and jolly 80’s rogue punk.

Starlight also organise the annual event ‘Rockfest’ on Landroval server.

Regular guest players have included Halgoreth, Crazypants, Duinne, Keliax and of course Zedrock!