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No Whole Bard formed almost three years ago (2013), although members Esrah and Lasswen (Lassrien) had played music together in the early years of Middle-earth. Luincaran came along, and while we could play music with others on occasion, we decided we would form our own kin band again where we could get together at a time more convenient to us. Outside of Middle-earth, all three members live in Australia.

Lasswen and Luincaran are actually twin sisters and have known Esrah since they were ten, so we have known each other for quite a number of years!

Some songs we perform have singing, with Luincaran as the chief lyric-writer. We perform songs others have created, but sometimes need to work with sheet music or our own ears to fill songs out and make them more complete.

No Whole Bard started on Elendilmir but have now moved to Crickhollow, where we play the last Sunday of each month. We also play on Landroval on the first Sunday of each month. During the northern winter concerts start at 6am, and then 7am during the northern summers.

We play monthly concerts at the Bree-town stage, which usually have a particular theme and the songs covering a wide range of musical genres.

With the three of us loving the cosmetic aspect available to us there are occasions when we will be ‘in costume’ to fit a theme as well, such as the “Movie and TV” concerts and Halloween of course, and we can also watch all these movies and TV thanks to services from to setup the TV.