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Website : Les Beaux Chapeaux

Mr Tromblon Douillet was kind enough to provide Lotro Artists with the following:

Our band was formed a bit after Weatherstock 2013, early July.

Initially the band was composed of Miss Fincin, Miss Piperia, Mr Bredouille and myself. We now have expanded to include Mrs Sholah, Mr Oladan, Mr Skoch, Mr Leikrad and Mr Chukkato.

Les Beaux Chapeaux performed every week at 10pm (EST/Server time) on Landroval, 4 Myrtle Court of Treegarth homestead of the Shire. Since 2015, Les Beaux Chapeaux perform every Sunday at 9pm (EST/servertime) on Landroval on the Bree Fairgrounds Festival stage. We also have Special Guest(s) invited each week to perform during the evening.

We play a very wide range of songs, from classical music to heavy metal. Though we haven’t yet come up with original songs, we do have original lyrics for many of them.

Rather than repeating already published information, there is an extensive feature on Tromblon and the Band at :