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In the inimitable words of band leader Zedrokk:

Bara Bahau is a new French, four members, band formed in August 2013 on Landroval.
So the story is simple and short: It happened because of Weatherstock 2013, yes, it was so great! Then, our band leader Zed’ decided to form a band, just for making noise and kicking out the jams.

Our name ‘Bara Bahau’ is a prehistoric French place. It refers to our primitive and rhythmic noise. We love it! It sounds as if a hippie named Baba mated with a hurly burly punk-rocker named Tohu Bohu, No?

Perhaps you have already heard about us:
– Zed Rock(k), noisy but riddim powa horn
– Bill Alula, my irreplaceable elvish percussionist.
– Zygg Ypop, human theorbo player emeritus.
– Betty Bebop, speedy hobbit soloist distracted.
– Funda Bara, our little roarin’ bear and Goblins Killer

Sometimes, we are everywhere at anytime; but often, we play at 8pm on the Bree square on Friday.
Bara Bahau allows Zed’ to play some particular tunes that he can’t play with others friends. Why? Because tastes in music are various, and his are often too much particular, often unknown, noisy and long-time:
– Very old 1st Age melodies,
– Awesome Irish tunes,
– Weird 60’s surf and rock garage,
– Various long-time psychedelic rock, that can take 7-10 minutes of your time.
– Rare ska, reggae and electronic raggadub,
– Contemporary disco-electro-techno and drum and bass music,
– Of course, never before heard French tunes,
– And last but not least, various noisy and loud hard-rock and amazing extreme-metal playlist

Bara Bahau don’t write music but takes time to work on MIDI files and transcribe them as well (loud and noisy of course) as possible. Not really songwriter, we write some originals lyrics to elucidate some strange tunes.

Too fast to dance to? Nevermind! Pogo and Headbang are welcome!