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A Rock And A Hard Place hail from Dwarrowdelf with regular members :
Frie, Glorgnorbor, Gorann, Aliawen, Nelphindal, Melusinae, Skirfir, Satior, Bruzo

We play our weekly shows on Gladden on Fridays around 4-5 pm in Bree at the western stable master.

The real founding date is not that easy to fix, but the first time we used a name is now roughly 18 months ago. We changed our name a couple of months before last years Weatherstock to « A Rock And A Hard Place ».

We don’t follow a style, we play everything at least one member of the band likes and we have very different tastes in music.
To give an impression: we could easily play an hour of classical music, metal music, latin dances or folk songs from our repertoire.
The songs our audience reacts strongest to are our « hobbits » adaption of a techno song from Scooter (Hyper Hyper).

When we play « Vltava » (Smetana) we usually cause the audience to run away – which doesn’t stop us playing it – even in the middle of a show.

All the songs we play are arranged by us, some are heavily modified and we also have a few own compositions.
A lot of songs are performed with lyrics, most of those are written by us, some are the original lyrics. It would be a sacrilege to replace a lyrical gem like « Hit Me Baby One More Time » with anything Lotro related.

(At which, your reporter fell off his chair!)

Seriously though, I have seen (and played alongside) this band and I love their transcriptions and lyrics. Definitely a fun band!