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Green Dragon Friday, Laurelin

Weekly hobbit gathering at the Green Dragon inn in Bywater. Hobbit-preferred event, although a few visiting traveling dwarves are always welcome. Also a 100% in-character event! Come along for songs, dances, poetry, tales, riddles and news! And do offer yer own entertainment, if yer like!

Please note the guidelines for the event:

1) Participate! This event is only monitored by persons, not run. Nobody is there to entertain you all night long. Having said that, some regulars are usually there to move things along. But please bring your own input! Its jolly important that this never ends up being a one-hobbit show.

2) Prepare! Try to bring a riddle, a poem, a song, a short rhyme, some juicy gossip or the likes. If you don’t use it, or if it is not time to use it (sometimes its just not possible to squeeze everything into one night), there’s always next week!

3) Live the Shire! This event follows the lore in that it tries to be a lively hobbit night at the inn. Keep chat in-character and avoid forced emotes, fireworks, apple throwing/snowballs, etc. Also, please try to keep entertainment (songs, stories, rhymes, poems and so on) in tune with the game world, suitable for hobbits living in the Shire. With regard to .abc music, try to steer away from well-known pop/rock songs and the latest top 10 chart contents. Less Lady Gaga! More folk music! Reels, jigs, waltzes, hornpipes and the likes are always popular and will soon have the hobbits dancing!

4) Play a hobbit (or dwarf)! This is a hobbit preferred event. If men and elves wishes to attend this night, please roll a hobbit or ‘travelin’ dwarf. The Shire, although blessed with the ‘odd’ outsider, was not the ‘in’ place to be seen if you were a man-folk or (especially) an elf. Try out the hobbit RP for size instead, you know you want to! You will find you get MORE RP this way!

5) Enjoy yourself! Green Dragon Friday reserves the right to be as flexible, as quiet, as busy, as chaotic, as peaceful, as jubilant as it just happens to be on the night. Few things are planned, most just happen. The whole point is for you lot to meet each others’ characters, chat about whatever you’ve been up to IC’ly, have a good laugh with friends. It’s the people that make the night. If you’re the first to arrive, don’t run off! More will follow, they always do!